I like the light weight of the bags, much better than plastic bins. I can easily lift them into my van to take them to the dump. The size is great for throwing things into them like sticks and leaves.

Heavy duty garden waste bags made of environmentally friendly & durable polypropylene woven fabric with a water-repellent coating

Pack of 3 – Reusable Tear Resistant 300L Capacity Lawn Waste Bags


Lawn Garden Bags | Yard Waste Bag | Reusable Leaf Bag


Pack of x3 Bags



Water-resistant and tear-resistant against high levels of strain. Four sturdy carrying handles, reinforced with double-stitched webbing, for easy handling of a large amount of light- to medium-weight garden waste.
  • 300 Litre Yard Bag Size
  • Diameter 63cm x Height 75cm
  • Durable & Reusable Yard Bags with sturdy with Handles

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Pack of x3 Bags

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A must-have for all garden lovers. well made, excellent quality yard lawn bag which is bigger than other bags!! All bags come with x4 reinforced handles! 

These Bags stay open when filling. Super handy to use! Just unfold, Install, and Fill!
Durable and Versatile. Great for Home, Lawn and Garden.



300L | 80 gallon, Diameter 63cm | 25″, Height 75cm | 29.5″ – All bags are made from rugged, rip-resistant woven polypropylene fabric. Extra Large size. It’s Bigger than many other bags. Each bag has a Maximum Capacity of 300L | 80 gallons. Each lawn bag can be filled with more home garden clutter. Also, It is great for laundry and home chores.



With its roomy, decent design. It is perfect for Garden works,Yard Chores,Lawn works,Outdoor Camping ,Beach, even laundry. All home garden bags with handles that have been stitched. Each bag comes with a black plastic loop which holds open the upper part of the bag.



All reusable home garden waste bags come with Tespher new package design. Made of 150gsm PP woven fabric which is UV stabilized, tear-resistant and water repellent. This makes our home garden bags more durable and versatile using, unlike other bags.


The bags are made of environmental friendly polypropylene material.Suitable for Leaves,Grass,Wilted parts,Steams of trees and shrubs. Also suitable to store toys, clothes or to separate laundry,Grow plants.Some even fill them with ice and drinks to provide ice-cold beer when having a barbecue.
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Frequently Asked Questions About The Lawn Clippings Bags

What are Lawn Garden Bags used for?
Lawn Garden Bags, also known as Yard Waste Bags or Reusable Leaf Bags, are used for collecting and disposing of various types of garden waste. These bags are designed to hold grass clippings, leaves, branches, and other yard debris, making cleanup tasks more efficient and organized.
How does a Yard Waste Bag simplify yard maintenance?
A Yard Waste Bag, interchangeably referred to as Lawn Garden Bags or Reusable Leaf Bags, simplifies yard maintenance by providing a convenient container for collecting and containing yard waste. Its sturdy construction and spacious design make it easy to gather and transport debris without mess or hassle.
Can a Reusable Leaf Bag withstand outdoor conditions?
Yes, a Reusable Leaf Bag, also known as Lawn Garden Bags or Yard Waste Bags, is designed to withstand outdoor conditions. These bags are typically made from durable materials that resist tearing and are UV-resistant, ensuring they can handle the demands of yard work over time.
What are the benefits of using Lawn Garden Bags?
Using Lawn Garden Bags, also interchangeably called Yard Waste Bags or Reusable Leaf Bags, offers several benefits. They keep your yard tidy, simplify waste disposal, prevent debris from scattering, and are eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic bags.
Can a Yard Waste Bag be used for different types of yard debris?
Absolutely, a Yard Waste Bag, also known as Lawn Garden Bags or Reusable Leaf Bags, can be used for various types of yard debris. From leaves and grass clippings to small branches and plant trimmings, these bags accommodate a range of materials encountered during yard cleanup.
How do I empty a Reusable Leaf Bag?
Emptying a Reusable Leaf Bag, also interchangeably referred to as Lawn Garden Bags or Yard Waste Bags, is simple. Just open the bag’s top, invert it over your compost pile, yard waste bin, or designated disposal area, and gently shake or tap to release the contents.
Can Lawn Garden Bags be used for storing other outdoor items?
Yes, Lawn Garden Bags, also known as Yard Waste Bags or Reusable Leaf Bags, can serve as versatile storage solutions beyond yard waste. They can hold gardening tools, outdoor toys, sports equipment, and more, keeping your outdoor space organized.
Are Yard Waste Bags environmentally friendly?
Yes, Yard Waste Bags, also interchangeably called Lawn Garden Bags or Reusable Leaf Bags, are environmentally friendly choices for yard waste disposal. Unlike single-use plastic bags, these bags can be used multiple times, reducing plastic waste and contributing to sustainability.
Can a Reusable Leaf Bag be washed and cleaned?
Yes, many Reusable Leaf Bags, also known as Lawn Garden Bags or Yard Waste Bags, can be washed and cleaned. Check the product’s instructions for specific cleaning recommendations, but generally, wiping down the bag’s interior and exterior with a damp cloth should help keep it clean.
Can using Lawn Garden Bags save me time during yard cleanup?
Absolutely, using Lawn Garden Bags, also interchangeably referred to as Yard Waste Bags or Reusable Leaf Bags, can save you time during yard cleanup. Their large capacity and easy transport make it quicker to collect and dispose of yard debris, allowing you to finish cleanup tasks more efficiently.
Does these bags fit in a SUV ?
YES they do
Are these bags suitable for containing trash, debris?
Yes this is suitable for all types of trash
Will this work for leaf blower or grass mower attachment? Any other better option besides a regular trash can?
These are large collection bags for emptying your lawn mower bag into
Is the material porous, or do they hold water?
Yes. It will hold water.
Does this bag stand up on its own? I am wondering if it will difficult to fill with leaves. Thank you.
It will stand-up on its own without any assistance..
Can you grow plants/trees/shrubs in these?
Yes these can act as grow bags


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